So what is this Doozy thing…?

Doozy is a very powerful yet extremely lightweight website builder and content management system (CMS) that is actually easy and fun to use (so much so that our eight year old son often comes and asks if he can ‘build a website’ on our test system).

While being perfectly at home driving large complex database driven websites, it can also be used just as well for creating super-fast semi-static sites that are only updated occasionally.

Why are you building it?

Initially we wanted something to use in-house to allow us to provide a better service to our clients and free them from having to use one of the bloated, slow and insecure CMS’s available and we quickly realised that we had created something unique that with a bit of
finessing, would be extremely useful and usable for both developers and website owners alike.

We wanted to build something that:

  • Makes it VERY easy (and fun) for anybody, from developers to complete novices, to design, build, and manage websites and to add, remove and update any sort of content.
  • Is very fast.
  • Is secure.
  • Is lightweight.
  • Has plenty of useful features and none that aren’t.
  • Produces clean HTML and CSS that validates correctly.

I’ll go into more detail about all this at a later time…

Who is it for?

Anybody who owns, wants to own, or manages a small to medium size website. It isn’t intended for enterprise level sites but is definitely quite at home with small business websites, business or personal blogs, school websites and the like.

What can it do?

In short, pretty much anything you want it to. You can design a complete website from scratch (or modify the design) in a couple of minutes, easily add or edit web pages or blog posts with text, graphics, tables and so on add events, media galleries, social media and much, much more. We also have on our todo list a feature that will allow you to create your own modules if you want it to do something it can’t do out of the box.

Just how easy is it to use?

Ease of use and user-friendliness has been our primary goal in creating Doozy and we’re making every aspect of working with your website as intuitive and easy as we possibly can. It would take much more time to explain how easy it is to use than to demonstrate it so we’ll be making a demo available as soon as we can so you can see for yourself. Until then, lets just say it’s really, really easy to use.

Can it be used for ecommerce sites?

Not in the initial release, but definitely yes further down the track and again, you won’t believe how easy it will be to manage your ecommerce site.

How can I find out more?

For now, contact us on our contact page and we’ll keep you informed and answer any questions you have.

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