The Layman’s Guide To Websites

If you’ve ever searched the Internet for anything to do with websites, you’ll know it’s easy to find any amount of technical information relating to this.

What’s not so easy is finding easy to understand and useful information about websites that is geared to the layman. In other words, information that is useful to the website owner, not the developer.

Hence this guide…

The aim of this guide

Our goal here is provide up to date and useful information that will inform you about everything you need to know if you own or or thinking of owning a website for your personal or business use.

Who this is geared to

If you are a web professional, there won’t be anything here you don’t already know.

We’re aiming this guide at the non-technical reader. You may have some knowledge of the Internet and websites, but we’re certainly not going to assume so and we will do our best to explain everything in simple terms with a minimum of ‘geek-speak’.

Maybe already own a website and want to have it updated or new features added, or maybe you’re thinking of owning one and aren’t sure of how to go about it. Either way, you need to have a basic understanding of how websites and the Internet work so you can have an informed discussion with your developer/designer.

What you’ll find here

We will be writing about everything you need to know right from your initial idea about having a website, to what you can do with it, designing it, getting it on the Internet, maintaining and updating it and getting people to actually use it.

We need your help

We will be drawing on our experiences with our clients while writing this guide but everybody is different and you will no doubt have questions or concerns that we may not think of addressing. What we would like you to do is send us an email or comment below about any questions you have or about anything you think we should be covering and we’ll email you back and will add it to our list of topics. There’s no such thing as a ‘dumb’ question so don’t be shy!

Think of it as an absolutely free website consultation…

So, that’s our intention. If this will be useful to you, bookmark us or subscribe to our RSS or Twitter feed (there will be more about these in the guide), or if you know of someone that can make use of this guide, please let them know about this page.

Thanks for reading and check back regularly for updates!

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